Our Mission

A lack of responsibity for our planet has taken a serious toll.

Despite the simplicity of tasks like throwing out garbage properly, and recycling, humans have proved even the smallest environmentally conscious acts are a challenge.  Our world is overwhelmed with people putting priority for themselves over the environment, and that needs to change. Forests are depleting, oceans are filling with trash, and polar ice caps continue to melt away. If action is not taken soon, our planet will look like a vastly different place.


Erth believes if a greater number of people were aware of basic ways to become environmentally conscious, we would see huge improvements to our planets health. The people who do not know the cost of their actions are often the people that are doing the most damage. By sharing basic projects, lifestyle tips, and other environmental information from our platform, we can spread the message of how to save our planet together. We want everyone to take accountability for their actions and make a difference.

How Can We Make a Difference?

 By setting an example for how you can help your local community, publishing monthly newsletters with information, and exposing the individuals who are out making a difference for the planet, we can promote the importance of environmemtally concious living.