Our first project is offically underway, and we couldn't be more excited. Earth Day 2020 is about getting out and making a difference in the community, and thanks to YOUR help, changes are being made! As promised, a tree will be planted for every order we received on April 22nd. We are thrilled to reveal that within the near future our team will be planting 18 trees locally as a result of our Earth Day orders.   

 From Red Maple, to Oak, to Redbuds, our 18 trees are going to be growing and thriving soon in our local community.  Updates on the project progress will be posted on Instagram! 
We want to thank our supporters for always having our back and supporting the idea that we can only make a change as a community. This is the first steward ship project of many and we are excited to have the opportunity to make a difference! 
Hit us up in our email: erthenterprise@gmail.com with any questions or ideas you might have to better our world!


Local Clean Ups

Along with our Earth Day tree planting, the Erth team has also began "The Local Clean Ups Project", which is a focus on the cleanup and repurposing of different sites in our local central jersey area. We started by locating a number of places within our hometown that are far overdue for a thorough cleaning. Our goal is to systemically check each one of these spots of our list, by picking up garbage, and replacing it with plants and trees.

"Pit" Cleanup (First Local Clean Up)

Starting in April, Erth made our move on the first cleanup spot. Through several trips, many pounds of garbage, and hard hours of work, the once disheveled and trash ridden section of woods near our town high school is looking green again, and thriving with life. We planted several flowers, bushes, and a tree over the area that was previously covered in trash! Formerly, a dumping ground  for plastics and other waste items, our first location has been transformed into a local sancuatry, or "Erthuary" filled with life and promise. Erth is excited to continue our efforts, and keep cleaning up.Updates on projects are available through our website and social medias!

^Day 1 construction of the Erthuary^